Protein Diagnostics

Explore the expanding possibilities with protein diagnostics

Take advantage of the expanding field of protein assays for clinical diagnostics, prognosis, and monitoring. Protein analysis continues to add value in the clinic as we become able to analyze more and more proteins in serum, plasma, or spinal fluid. We cover your needs within protein diagnostics with an expanding portfolio of assays. You will also find unique assays for certain disease areas. Combine it with specialist guidance and sparring, and you are ready to expand the possibilities of your protein diagnostics.

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Monoclonal Gammopathies

Analysers & Software


Optimal detection in monoclonal gammopathies

We carry a range of high-end products for laboratory testing for plasma cell disorders that are associated with cancers of the bone marrow. You can be certain to find the right assays for detecting monoclonal free light chains and intact immunoglobulins. We offer reagent kits for measurement of free light chains and heavy chains, used to diagnose, assess, and monitor monoclonal diseases. These monoclonal diseases include Multiple Myeloma, AL amyloidosis, and Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS).

Confidence in your results

Ensure that your use of protein reagent kits is optimal by using the correct analyzer and software. We offer a range of benchtop analyzers and middleware software that will help improve efficiency, optimize your workflow, and create confidence in your results. The integration of powerful technology and intelligent software enables several smart working features in these instruments.

Select between many immunoassays

In addition to the free and heavy light chain reagents, we offer a comprehensive range of CE-marked protein assays, controls, and calibrator materials for our analyzers. You can even get protein assays for analyzers from other vendors than the ones we carry. You can for example find assays for vaccine response, specific proteins, subclass assays, and central nervous system disorders.

Specialist guidance and high-quality products

Our experts within protein analysis are ready to assist you and aid you with competent guidance no matter whether you need help to find the right immunoassay or are in doubt which technology will be optimal for you. The right guidance can help you optimize your workflow, save time, and reduce the costs of your projects. We are ready to give you professional sparring on specialist immunodiagnostic assays and instrumentation, both for clinicians and laboratory professionals.