Life Science Small Instruments

The right equipment for your life science lab needs

With the right equipment you can perform your best. We are here to support you in the selection of instruments that can power your research and move you forward. Find a range of small instruments for life science. We provide full workflow solutions. It means, that we have got you covered no matter if you are looking for an instrument to add to your current solution or you need to find a full workflow solution.

We cover your workflow from A-Z

Whether you need a compact spectrophotometer, a multi-mode reader with superior performance, or an imager with best in class sensitivity, we are ready to help you. If you are looking for a centrifuge, we have centrifuges from different manufacturers and will help you find the one that fits your needs. You can find PCR instruments, gel documentation systems, thermomixers, and a range of other small instruments that will complement the instruments of any life science lab.

Solutions for all types of labs

We carry high-quality equipment that will fit both smaller labs as well as medium- and high-throughput laboratories. We have solutions for you, no matter whether you have a large or a smaller lab. For the smaller laboratories, we, for example, carry a compact and portable qPCR instrument and a series of compact transilluminators. One of the great advantages of these products is their small footprint, but even from small instruments you can expect great things: Superior performance comes in all sizes.

Beyond small instruments for life science

In addition to small instruments for life science, we carry a portfolio of high-end instruments and high-quality consumables for all aspects of life science research and diagnostics. We provide full workflow solutions and our portfolio contains products that will make your laboratory work more efficient.

Ensuring you the right equipment with the right guidance

Our product specialists will ensure that you are well-equipped for any project you embark on. You can expect to meet experienced specialists who are ready to spar with you in your choice of technique, setup, and instruments. With AH diagnostics, you can rely on professional guidance, sparring, and specialized support.