Complete solutions for your immunohistochemistry projects

Within pathology, we have products for both research and diagnostics to cover your entire workflow from sample preparation, antigen retrieval and blocking, antibodies, to detection. For your pre-analysis, you will find a wide range of reagents and slide- and cassette printers. We also have several options for automatization of your staining workflow; choose open and flexible systems with either high or low capacity. We always have the optimal solution for your laboratory.

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Pre-treatment and primary and secondary antibodies to match nearly all applications

For pretreatment, we have a large selection of both blocking agents, buffers and enzymes for antigen retrieval. For staining, we have a large selection of primary and secondary antibodies. We offer monoclonal antibodies from mouse and polyclonal antibodies from rabbit, sheep, goat, and pig. In addition, we have monoclonal antibodies produced in rabbits (RabMab), which generates higher affinity and sensitivity.
AH diagnostics has secondary antibodies in various purification formats - F(ab')2 and FAB, as well as cross-absorbed against for example human. We have almost the entire spectrum of fluorochrome-, biotin-, and enzyme-labelled secondary antibodies. We will be able to find a secondary antibody matching nearly all applications.

Detection systems and high-end multiplexing possibilities

We offer a series of detection systems for IHC that will give you optimal signal-to-noise rate. The avidin-biotin complex (ABC) method is used by many in research, but the biotin-free, polymer-based detection systems are becoming more widely used as they are highly sensitive and easy to work with. Multiplexing gives several advantages, and we offer detection systems that can multiplex 2+ antibodies. For research in microenvironments, immunological markers, etc., we carry high-end multiplexing systems. Highly multiplexed IHC will enable you to analyze more than 37+ antigens in one tissue sample.
For visualization, we also supply several different chromogens, DAP (brown), red, blue, yellow, black, and green – all of them are suitable for HRP and AP detection systems.

Equipment for every laboratory

Whether you work with research or diagnostics, we have the equipment for your laboratory, and you will find both CE-marked and IVD-approved products for diagnostics. You will find instruments used to rapidly freeze tissue specimens, cells, fully and semi-automated slide printers and cassette printers that will ease your routines and reduce the risk of specimen mix-up, and both manual and semi-automatic tissue microarrayers (TMA). All products have a small footprint and will fit in every lab.

Take full advantage of our IHC specialists

Let your local product specialist help you optimize your immunohistochemical method or guide you in the initial stages of a project. Our experience in IHC staining can help you solve issues within immunohistochemistry, for both research and diagnostics. We know the applications that you work with and can optimize your workflow and help you save both time and money by finding the right solution for you. Our IHC portfolio includes products from suppliers from all over the world.